Its been a busy couple of months and we’re not finished yet…

The last couple of months in the club have been extremely busy and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Our latest 8 week beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course filled up in a matter of days and several of our BJJ competition Team will be competing on a number of events over the next few months.

Having been in Navan teaching BJJ since 2013, we are going from strength to strength, and are delighted to be part of The JiuJitsu Brotherhood under Nicolas Gregoriades. (Roger Gracies 1st BJJ Black Belt)

Needless to say it is a great honour to have this lineage behind us and we strive to make sure that every student gets the most from their training.

We were also delighted to have members of our MMA and K1 Fight Teams compete on both domestic and foreign shows over the last few months. With fighters competing on the Capital 1 show in Dublin and Battle Arena in Oxford.

Several members of our MMA competition team will be making a return to Battle Arena in November in Birmingham.

As always we welcome any questions you may have with regards to any of the training programs we have to offer. So feel free to contact us…


JJB 10 year anniversary

Jiu Jitsu is simple (Roger Gracie)

Packed mats for BJJ July 2017

Summer smack down September 30th in ITB



North south challange September 23rd

Battle arena 45 in oxford May 2017

Battle arena 48 Birmingham November 2017

Capital 1 poster


Master Class with Nic Gregoriades.

We are delighted to welcome Nic back for a 3 hr Master Class on Sunday the 21st of May.

This Master Class will be broken down into 3 parts.

Part 1 is Yoga for Grapplers.

Yoga can help improve your health as well as you jiu jitsu, and you will learn several easy to use sequences.. that can be used straight away in training.


Part 2 is Essential Movements for BJJ.

Movement and leverage are essential for BJJ.. you will learn drill that will help improve both of theses areas.


Part 3 is the Three Core Concepts of Jiu Jitsu.

These concepts are the key prinicples that have had the most impact on Nic’s game since he began grappling 20 years ago.


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Open letter to Amateur MMA in Ireland.

Open letter to the Amateur MMA community of Ireland.


Firstly I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.  Now it is time to get back business.

I and many others have been watching over the last number of months at how Amateur  MMA here in Ireland has been progressing.  From the IAPA to the current IMMAA.

Several major issues have been raised with regards to lack of communication from the board, as well as a lack of transparency in the decision making process. Many feel that the board does not represent the very people it is saying it does, and that this is a major point of concern going forward.

Another very important issue being raised is that there does not seem to be a fair or democratic process for electing a board, or for voting on any major decision that the board/s have implemented. Many have expressed that each club should only have a single vote in any process, as well as only allowing one member from each club to be on the board/s. Especially when these decisions, are having a direct effect on the Amateur MMA community as a whole.

Anyone I’ve spoken to has commended the work of the IAPA and IMMAA, however there is an underlying concern that in order for Amateur MMA in Ireland to take the next step, a more democratic and fair board needs to be elected and put in place, as well as far more regular and inclusive meetings take place, where everyone has a chance to help in the decision making process.

So with this said, I would call for an AGM to be held, so that a new board can be elected in a democratic fashion, and that it be done on a day/time/location, that would allow as many clubs/coaches from around the country to attend.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards.

Keith Cooper.


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Great year at Coopers MMA

Firstly we’d like to thank all our members for all their support in 2016 and we look forward to see you all back in training tomorrow.

Our Club had huge success in 2016 across the board, from our BJJ Team scoring a huge number of medals, to multiple wins for our K1 Team.

Our next BJJ Beginners course will be starting at the end of February, beginning of March, so keep an eye on our f.b page for an exact date.

2017 is already looking like being a very busy year, with one of our fighters competing for a K1 title in January.

Our MMA program has been gaining new members week on week, especially in the second half of the year, and there is some great talent coming up.

In the mean time, we will continue to train hard and develop the club.

Again we would like to thank everyone for their support and see you all on the mats..


For all our latest news.. check out our fb page @



Randon photos and vids 309Sub only 2016 group shotJanuary 2017 Timetable
Last BJJ grading of 2016

Club news..

Once again we had a very busy month.

Our MMA Fundamentals Program is growing week on week, and we are delighted to see some of our “missing in action” members, making a return.

Our BJJ Program is going from strength to strength, and we have a team of approx. 15-17 competitors heading down to Cork, for the Cork Open on October 9th.

Our last BJJ Beginners course of 2016 kicks off on Tuesday the 18th of October @8pm (and it is almost fully booked out)

Our K1 program now boasts 2 competition groups (Pro-am and Novice) with both groups looking at a very busy November, as several will be making their long awaited debuts.

We are also delighted to have XL Enfield sponsoring our Pro K1 fighter, Dean Ryan. XL Enfield and Chop Chop Barbers of Navan, are offering great support to Dean, and the club. So if anyone other companies /businesses are interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact us at the club.

Our email is

Finally a quick reminder that Coopers MMA has a very comprehensive Fitness Program (MMA Fit: but don’t be fooled by the name, as it does not involve any MMA) that runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings @7pm as well as Thursday mornings at 11am.

Randon photos and vids 309Randon photos and vids 410


BJJ Program


Delighted with how our BJJ Program is progressing.. Our latest Beginners course is coming to an end.. so contact the club and get your name down for the next one.. start date to be announced shortly.

Keep and eye on our f.b page for all our latest updates. Or check us out on instagram..

Cage Kings

Jeanderson takes the win at Cage Kings
Jeanderson takes the win at Cage Kings

Great night at Cage Kings.. Very proud Coach once again, Jean put on an impressive performance to take the win via tko..
As always we made the most noise for our fighter, as well as everyone elses..
Roll on Monday so we can get back at it…

No Gi

No GiGreat nogi session this morning…well done to all the lads that made it down.. see yaz all later for Ladies only K1…Mixed K1 and BJJ fundamentals..

BJJ Seminar

BJJ SeminarGreat super session tonight… everyone worked hard..

No Open mat in the morning as we have Nic over for a BJJ seminar @11.30.
There are still places available for anyone who would lime to attend.. this seminar is open to all Teams/Clubs.

Self Defence Workshop

Self DefenDont forget we have our Self Defense workshop this Sunday at 12 noon till 2pm.

This workshop is not martial arts based training…Instead we work on Gross motor skill training, so that you can recall the techniques easily in a high stress situation..

There are still places available, so please contact us here at the club to secure you spot…
Also even if you are not interested in attending, but know someone who might be, please feel free to share this post, or tag people in it..