Open letter to Amateur MMA in Ireland.

Open letter to the Amateur MMA community of Ireland.


Firstly I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.  Now it is time to get back business.

I and many others have been watching over the last number of months at how Amateur  MMA here in Ireland has been progressing.  From the IAPA to the current IMMAA.

Several major issues have been raised with regards to lack of communication from the board, as well as a lack of transparency in the decision making process. Many feel that the board does not represent the very people it is saying it does, and that this is a major point of concern going forward.

Another very important issue being raised is that there does not seem to be a fair or democratic process for electing a board, or for voting on any major decision that the board/s have implemented. Many have expressed that each club should only have a single vote in any process, as well as only allowing one member from each club to be on the board/s. Especially when these decisions, are having a direct effect on the Amateur MMA community as a whole.

Anyone I’ve spoken to has commended the work of the IAPA and IMMAA, however there is an underlying concern that in order for Amateur MMA in Ireland to take the next step, a more democratic and fair board needs to be elected and put in place, as well as far more regular and inclusive meetings take place, where everyone has a chance to help in the decision making process.

So with this said, I would call for an AGM to be held, so that a new board can be elected in a democratic fashion, and that it be done on a day/time/location, that would allow as many clubs/coaches from around the country to attend.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards.

Keith Cooper.


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